Our Story

Co-Owners Norm Turley and Rod Frontino acquired the location in January 2011, from the Owners of what was called Belmont Station. The location was mainly operated as a Mexican restaurant & bar for over 25 years. A complete remodel was performed and we opened our doors on April 12, 2011 as DOGZ Bar and Grill.

Norm and Rod were both born and raised in Long Beach and met playing racquetball together. When the opportunity came up to open a Bar and Grill in Belmont Shore both Norm and Rod felt confident they could build a place that would represent the “culture” of the Belmont Shore beach community. Our menu consists of great “DOGZ”, sausages, and a whole lot of food items that are “NOT DOGZ”. We kept some of the Mexican classic food that has been locally famous for decades. We also installed a Blizzard Beer system that allows our beer to be served “Too Cold To Hold” at 29 degrees.

DOGZ strives to be a place in the shore that provides ongoing value and quality in a clean, safe environment.

Meet Some of the Team

Without this dedicate crew, DOGZ would not be what it is today.


Rod Frontino



Cody Gardner