• Potato Chipz


      Yukon Potato Chips Made Fresh Daily. Add Onion Dip for $2.50.

    • Chipz and Salsa


      Add Guacamole or Queso Dip for $3.00.

    • French Friez


      Add Chili or Cheeze for $1.50 each

    • Sweet Potato Tots


      Nuggets of Golden Bite Sized Goodness

    • Onion Ringz


      Beer Battered and Fried to a Golden Brown Perfection, Served with Ranch.

    • Pub Pretzel


      A Delicious, Warm and Steamy Pretzel Served with a Side of Queso Dip.

    • Mozzarella Stickz


      Six Mozzarella Sticks Served with Warm Marinara Sauce. Bacon Wrapped $9.95.

    • Meaty Beef Chili (Cup)


      A Hot Cup of our Delicious Made-From-Scratch Meat Chili.

      Upgrade to a Bowl for $7.95.

    • Fried Zucchini


      Zucchini Strips Battered and Fried. Served with Ranch.

    • Jalapeno Popperz


      Eight Stuffed, Breaded and Fried Jalapenos. Served with Ranch.

    • Chicken Fingerz


      Four Breaded Chicken Breast Strips. Served with Ranch & BBQ Sauce.

    • Wingz (8)


      Buffalo / BBQ / Terriyaki / Spicy / Lemon Pepper

      Orders of 12 Wingz for Additional $4 ($12.95)

    • Mac 'N Cheese (Cup)


      Homemade, Cheesy and Irresistible. Add Chili for $1.50.

      Upgrade to a Bowl for $9.95

    • Loaded Nachos


      Chips, Refried Beans, Cheese, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Jalapeno and Pico de Gallo
      (add Steak, Chicken or Carnitaz for $2.00)

    • Loaded Fries


      Steak, Chicken or Carnitas $12.95.
      Just like our Nachoz, but on a Bed of Fries.

    • Three Skewerz


      Chicken, Shrimp or Steak. With Teriyaki and BBQ Sauce.
      Served with a Side of Onion Rings.

    • Burger Slider Trio


      Three Sliders Served with Grilled Onions and Cheddar Cheese on Toasted Hawaiian Bread Rolls.

    • Pulled Pork Sliderz (4)


      Pulled pork on a Mini Hawaiian Roll. Served with BBQ Dipping Sauce and Chips.
      (4) $8.95 (6) $10.95

    • Sampler Platter


      Wings, Jalapeno Poppers, Mozzarella Sticks, French Fries, Onion Rings, Mini Corn Dogs, Fried Zucchini.
      Served with Ranch - No Substitutions.

    • Pickled Eggs


      Jar of Nine Available for $10

    • Veggie Platter


      A Savory Selection of Fresh Cut Veggies. Served with Ranch.

    • DOGZ

      All Dogz Come with a Vienna Beef Frank. Upgrade To A: Bacon Wrap ($1), Dodger Dog ($1), Veggie ($2), 1/4 Pounder ($1), Kosher ($1), or Turkey ($1)

    • New York Dog


      Steamed Frank Served with Sauerkraut, Red Onions and Mustard.

    • Chili Dog


      Steamed Frank Topped with Meaty Chili and Onionz

    • Chicago Dog


      Mustard, Relish, Onions, Tomatoes, Pickle, Celery Salt and Sport Pepperz on a Sesame Seed Bun

    • Pepperz Party


      Meaty Chili, Pepperoncinis, Sport Pepperz, Jalapeno, Yellow Pepperz on a Sesame Seed Bun

    • Teenie Weineez


      Three Mini 3" Gourmet Dogz on a Mini Bun. Served Any Style.

    • Your Way


      Our Classic Steamed Frank, Made Any way You Want With Up to Four Toppings

    • Mini Corn Dogz


      Twelve Individual Golden, Crispy Mini Corn Dogs

    • Cheezy Cheese


      Grilled Frank Topped With Melted Cheddar And Swiss Cheeses

    • King Kraut


      Steamed Frank Topped With Brown Mustard, Loaded with Sauerkraut.

    • Buffalo Style


      Steamed Frank Topped With Buffalo Sauce and Your Choice of Ranch Or Blue Cheese

    • Corn Dog


      Battered and Fried Golden Brown

    • BBQ Dog


      Grilled Frank Topped With BBQ Sauce, Mustard, Onionz, Cheddar Cheese and Applewood Bacon

    • N' Awlins Dog


      Grilled Frank with Muffaletta: Basil, Olives, Pepperoncinis, Bell Pepperz and Oregano

    • Plain Dog


      Steamed All Beef Vienna Frank


      All Sausagez are Topped with Grilled Pepperz and Onionz and Served with a Side of Friez.

    • Bratwurst


      1/4 Pound, Beer Boiled And Grilled

    • Polish


      Grilled 1/4 Pound Sausage

    • Portuguese Hawaiian


      Grilled 1/4 Pound Linguica Sausage

    • Cajun


      Grilled 1/4 Pound Hot Link

    • Italian


      Grilled 1/4 Pound Sausage


    • 1.00 Toppingz


      Guacamole, Applewood Bacon, Mushroomz, Avocado, Sweet Potato Totz

    • .50 Cent Toppingz


      Garlic, Tomato, Muffaletta, Chili, Grilled Pepperz and Onionz, Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, Cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan, Sauerkraut, Pepperz


    • Soft Street Taco


      Chicken, Carnitas, Or Steak in Two Tortillas

    • Quesadilla


      Add Chicken, Carnitas or Steak for $3. Served with Sour Cream, Guacamole and Pico de Gallo.

    • Taquitoz


      Four Chicken, Carnitas or Steak Taquitos. Served with Sour Cream, Guacamole and Pico de Gallo.

    • Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)


      House Recipe with Toritilla Strips, Shredded Cheese and Avocado.

      Upgrade to a Bowl for $9.95.

    • Cheese Enchiladaz


      Two Cheese Enchiladas Served with Rice and Beans.
      Add Chicken, Carnitas or Steak for $3.

    • Taco Plate


      Chicken, Carnitas or Steak. Two Crispy or Soft Street Tacos Served with Rice and Beans.

    • Combination Burrito


      Chicken, Carnitas or Steak. Served Wet with Enchilada Sauce.

    • Carnitaz Plate


      Shredded Pork Cooked Traditional Mexican Style. Choice of Flour or Corn Tortillas.
      Served with Rice, Beans, Tomatoes, Onions, Sour Cream, Avocado and Pico de Gallo.

      Serving for Two: $24.95


      Served with Yukon Potato Chips

    • BLT Sandwich


      Served on Sourdough Bread

    • Crispy Chicken Sandwich


      With Avocado and Siracha-Mayo

    • Grilled Chicken Sandwich


      With Basil-Mayo, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato, and Avocado

    • Chicken Wrap


      Grilled, Cajun or Crispy. Your Choice of Dressing.

    • Tri Tip Sandwich


      Served on a French Roll

    • Hamburger


      1/3 Pound Burger. Served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Your Choice of Cheese.
      Upgrade to a Veggie Patty for $2.

    • Burger Slider Trio


      Three Sliders Served with Grilled Onions and Cheddar Cheese on Toasted Hawaiian Bread Rolls

    • SALADZ

    • Orchard Salad


      Apples, Walnuts, Blue Cheese Crumbles and Champagne Vinaigrette

    • Dogz House Salad


      Spring Mix with Veggies and Croutons. Add Chicken for $3.

    • Caesar Salad


      Romaine Lettuce with Homemade Dressing. Add Chicken for $3.

    • Chinese Chicken Salad


      Almond, Scallions and Mandarin Oranges with Sesame Vinaigrette


    • Bacon and Two Eggs


      Served with Potatoes and Toast

    • Chorizo and Two Eggz


      Potatoes, Refried Beans and Tortillas or Toast

    • Pancakez and Two Eggs


      Served with Bacon and Potatoes

    • Breakfast Burrito


      Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes and Cheese. Your Choice of Chorizo, Bacon or Sausage

    • French Toast and Two Eggz


      Served with Bacon and Potatoes

    • Breakfast Scramble


      Served with Toast, Your Choice of Meat and Four Toppings

    • Chicken and Wafflez


      Fried Chicken Breast Served with Four Waffles

    • Dogz Bloody Mary


      Our Famous Blood Mary Served All Day Every Day

    • Bottomless Mimosas


      With Purchase of Entree Until 1PM


    • Lunch Special


      Any Dog of Sausage and a Twelve Oz Draft Beer

    • Munchie Monday


      Street Tacos $1.50: Chicken, Carnitas or Steak

    • Teenie Tuesday


      Three-inch Mini Dog, Pick Any Dog or Sausage
      $2 Baja Fish Tacos & Fish Night

    • Wing Wednesday


      50 Cents Per Wind. Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Spicy, BBQ or Teriyaki

    • Steak Night

      Bring Your Own Steak, We'll Cook it for Free!

    • Burger Thursday


      Served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Your Choice of Cheese

    • Free Fry Friday

      With Purchase of Entree


    • Pineapple Sorbet


      Pineapple Sorbet Served in a Natural Fruit Shell

    • Peach Sorbet


      Peach Sorbet Served in a Natural Fruit Shell

    • Lemon Sorbet


      Lemon Sorbet Served in a Natural Fruit Shell

    • Coconut Sorbet


      Coconut Sorbet Served in a Natural Fruit Shell

    • Dream Bomba


      Peanut Butter Gelato, Caramel Core and Chocolate Shell

    • Three Chocolate Mousse


      White and Dark Mousse Coated in Chocolate

    • Bomba


      Vanilla and Chocolate Gelato, Sliced Cherry and Almond

    • Brownie Ala Mode


      Homemade Brownie Topped with a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream


    • Coffee, Tea, Soda, Juice


      Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Lemonade